7 Best Dog Food for Great Danes

Large dogs, such as Great Danes, have special nutritional needs and therefore need best dog food for Great Danes. If Great Danes consume too many calories or other nutrients in excess, it can cause problems such as bone, obesity, allergies and other health problems.

Taking these special nutritional needs into account, this article on Best dog food for Great Danes can help you find the best dry dog food for your Great Danes.

Wellness Best Dog Food for Great Danes

best dog food for great danes with sensitive stomachs

When it comes to best dog food for Great Danes, they aren’t all created equal. There is one brand that stands out among the rest by providing top quality foods with no byproducts or fillers. Wellness best dog food for Great Danes has been around for years, and through their patented research, have developed a 1+1 system for helping dogs live happier, healthier lives.

The system simply adheres to the guidelines of one type of protein, and one type of carbohydrate for your pet. By not adding harmful fillers, your dog isn’t going to be eating as much, because they will be getting the nutrition that they need from the little bit they do eat.

Wellness best dog food for Great Danes knows that what goes into your pet is a direct correlation to how healthy they are, as well as how active, and obedient. A dog that isn’t properly nourished is going to have a hard time listening to commands, and obeying orders.

When companies add byproducts and fillers such as starches to help fill up the food bag easier, they are making a lot more money off of sacrificing your pooches well being. These types of dog foods are barely considered food, almost lacking the nutrition completely.

These fillers are often just starchy substances thrown in to help hold the food together. The manufacturers will then put in lower grade meats and proteins, along with cheap quality carbohydrates.

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These types of foods aren’t even suitable for humans, so why do you want to give it to your dog? It is best dog food for Great Danes, but I mean, you can eat Wellness brand best dog food for Great Danes, and survive off of it if you had to.

There are plenty of places to buy Wellness best dog food for Great Danes, but your best bet is going to be searching on the internet. I am sure you don’t have to look far for the best deals. You can often find a supplier of wholesale Wellness brand best dog food for Great Danes if you are planning to use it in kennels, shelters, vets, or other places where you need bulk orders.

This wellness best dog food for Great Danes review is not paid for in any way. I used to feed it to my baby, Sam. Well, that was before my spoiling him with tons of extras forced me to put him on a prescription diet.

I believe that it had a huge impact on how bright his eyes looked, his coat and how happy he was. If you’re in the market for a best dog food for Great Danes switch, this is a great brand to try.

Avoiding Health Problems in Great Danes

Best Dog Food for Great Danes

Great danes as well as other large dogs are susceptible to gastric torsion and bloat. This is a common known fact and an unfortunately high killer of large dogs. There is unfortunately little evidence of what causes these problems. People are quick to jump to single cause solutions because that is often easiest but it is not always that simple.

Thought to be common causes include, running, running after eating, running before eating, eating to fast, eating while standing, eating without an upright dish, drinking water too fast, as well as others. They all sound like part of being a dog in my opinion and I have observed my great danes do all of the mentioned without any problems.

A more holistic approach is to realize that health problems are normally complex in nature and are caused by repetitive stress triggers that we inflict on our bodies, why would our dogs be different?

Consider that we feed our dogs dry processed food every day of their lives. What little additional nutrient they consume come in the form of stolen table scraps or grub swiped from the trash. Not usually the best place to come by nutritious best dog food for Great Danes.

Now consider what a large roll stress plays in the lives of people and how our health is affected by stress. I ask again are our dogs any different. Sure they may not seem stressed, but they may be. Dogs sometimes pee inside, loose hair, can’t sleep, won’t eat, etc. All symptoms of stress.

To speak of great danes specifically we are talking about a genetically pure breed which also ads additional possibility of health problems because of the likely hood of inner breeding or reinforcing negative genetic traits. This is the main reason for the problem in the first place.

To avoid gastric torsion and bloat, it is important to feed your dog a proper diet, consider the raw BARF diet or simply add in additional nutrients at times in the form of vitamins and minerals at the very least. Always consider the stress level of your dog and take this into consideration.

Make sure your dog is happy, dogs need love too and a little affection goes a long way to calm a dogs nerves. Make sure that you provide a comfortable home for your dog, where they can sleep soundly and get adequate relaxation. Keep your dog in shape, monitor the waist line and add exercise and subtract best dog food for Great Danes as necessary to keep your dog healthy.

Our dogs bring us happiness and joy, lets treat them as well as we possibly can and give them the quality of life that they deserve.

Giant George, The World Record Great Dane

Royal Canin Dog Food Price In Sri LankaGiant George an Arizona great dane has been named the worlds largest dog. Standing at 3’7’’ tall from paw to shoulder and weighing in at 245 pounds he is confirmed to holds the worlds record by Guinness judges.

More impressively this translates to 7’3’’ from nose to tail, which means this beast would not fit on a king sized bed unless he was laying diagonally.

George is 4 years old and consumes 110 pounds of dog food per month. Doing some quick math that comes out to close to 3 tons of food consumed during his life time. I would not really want to see the back yard where he makes his deposits.

Recently a guest on Oprah Giant George displayed the common great dane trick of using furniture in much the same way that people use furniture, when he sat down next to his owner, butt on the couch.

Great danes are known for being extremely large dogs but the sheer mammoth size of George is unusual. Male danes do not normally exceed 180 pounds and females normally do not exceed 130 pounds. Breeders may attempt to increase the size of their breeds over time so I would expect George to claim a pretty high stud fee.

The former title holder Gibson died of bone cancer in 2009 but was famous for his temperament and was actually a registered therapy dog. Meaning that he had passed a number of test on obedience and temperament.

And was approved to be brought to hospitals and nursing homes to and provide the healing touch and companionship that only mans best friend can provide to sick patients.

Great danes are famous for many things and have been featured prominently in cartoon, movies, and norse sagas. They are also famous for being amazingly humanlike and assimilating into families very easily and quickly. Great dane owners often claim that they could not imagine owning any other breed.

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