3 Best Reasons to Get a Dog Kennels Buildings for your Dog

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Dog kennels buildings can be very useful to the canine owner. These crates can be used to house train, travel, offer the dog a place to sleep, or contain a misbehaving pup. Kennels are available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased from a number of locations, from Internet retailers to big box stores to pet specialty outlets.

The owner should purchase a crate that is made from or lined with a material that can be cleaned easily, such as polyethylene. It is possible to build a dog kennel at home from scrap wood or other materials, but this type of kennel can be hard to clean and might retain a “doggy” smell. A crate should have plenty of breathing holes.

Some crates may be portable or temporary and can be dismantled or folded for storage. These kennels are probably not a good buy if one plans to keep the dog confined overnight or to corral a rambunctious puppy because they are not very sturdy for long term use. This type of kennel is also often easy to chew or may rip from a dog’s scratching.

Dog Kennels Buildings

Dog kennels buildings

Dog kennels buildings come in many different colors. One may choose a color that matches with their home decor or one that they simply enjoy. Light colored kennels may get stained or dirty, so it is important to keep that in mind. If the crate being purchased is for a small dog that is going to be traveling frequently, a handle is a great addition and should be centered on the top of the crate. A box that is being placed in a vehicle for travel should be secured so that it doesn’t slide or tip. This can be done using bungee cords or strong straps.

A water bowl may be included on the front of the crate. This is a good option for dogs who will be in the kennel for a long period of time. It is not usually a good idea to provide food while the dog is crated since it may cause the dog to need to go to the bathroom.

Crates are perfect for dog kennels buildings for training a puppy because dogs usually will not use the bathroom in their sleeping spot. Crating a puppy at night will prevent accidents.

Why Choose Wire Dog Kennels

Dog kennels buildings can be made with a number of different materials. From plastic to wood, each of these options is sturdy and comfortable for your pet. Wire, though, has long been the material of choice for both indoor and outdoor kennels. The benefits of the wire kennel are many, both in terms of price and flexibility of use. Many pet lovers who are investing in their first kennel find that wire models are best suited to their needs.

One of the most attractive aspects of wire kennels is their price. It is possible to find even large, high quality wire crates for less than $100, whereas wooden and plastic kennels of the same size may cost 30-50% more. Wire is a comparatively cheap material that is incredibly sturdy and easy to clean.

Little upkeep is required to keep the metal walls and floor looking new and clean. If the dog kennels buildings will be kept outside, make sure that the wire is coated in a water resistant material to protect it from rust. Additionally, be aware that it may not be water proof. To keep outdoor dog kennels dry in the rain, an inexpensive tarp may be used to create a make-shift ceiling.

Wire crates also tend to be lighter than the alternatives. This makes them easier to move when necessary. Some pet parents find that bringing their dog kennels buildings with them on vacation reduces the stress of traveling and enables their dog to feel at home anywhere they are. It also makes it easier to move a kennel around the yard, reducing the chances that the grass beneath it will become permanently damaged or die.

While some may find that wire dog kennels buildings look to institutional in their homes, there are stylish options that go beyond the drab grays that many associate with these kennels. Kennels that will match the decor of any home can be found through most large department and pet stores.

What is a Suitable Dog Kennel and Run

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Talk about dog kennels buildings, Not all dogs are inside dogs, and while perhaps the smaller toy breeds are fine to stay indoors, if you own a larger breed dog such as a Retriever or a Doberman you might find that they’ll be happier living outdoors–and you might be too!

However, even if a dog lives outside he needs to have good accommodations. Not only is it important for your dog’s happiness and well being, but also for his health. Clean, dry, properly ventilated housing is very needful if you want your dog to remain in optimum health.

Cleanliness: A dog kennel needs to be kept clean at all times. If not, it can house germs and bacteria, and can cause your dog to get sick.  A raised wooden floor helps keep the dirt out of the kennel and is warmer than concrete or the direct ground.  Make sure, if you provide bedding, that it is changed regularly as it’s a prime breeding ground for ticks and fleas.

If you have a cement run it is a good idea to have it slope gently downward to make it easy to hose off and keep clean.

Ventilation:  Even though your kennel is outside, you need to ensure that it is well ventilated.  Make sure, though, that it isn’t drafty as this can be as dangerous to a dog’s health as to a human’s.

Weatherproof: It goes without saying that whatever you decide to make your kennel out of, it should be weatherproof.  Often insulation is put inside the dog kennels buildings to help keep the kennel warm in winter and cooler in summer.   Make sure the door to the kennel faces away from the wind, otherwise cold winds or rain will come in directly to the kennel.

If possible, it’s helpful if there’s some sort of shade over part of the dog kennels buildings and run so that the dog can get some respite from the sun during the heat of the day.

Water: It’s important to make sure there is fresh water available at all times, during winter and summer. Some dog breeds, especially the larger dogs, need a lot of water and you’ll need to make sure to keep the water bowl filled up. One idea is to attach a water container to the side of the run, and have water constantly ‘on tap’ and filling up the bowl. There are many different varieties of these available on line.

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