7 Blunder Are German Shepherd Mix Husky Puppy Lazy

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Are German Shepherd Mix Husky Puppy Lazy? Husky puppies are the furthest thing from lazy! I have been raising husky puppies for over thirteen years and if I had to describe them with one word it would be energetic! Because husky pups are so full of energy, they are not for everyone. If you are thinking about getting a husky puppy it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the breed and their needs. German shepherd mix husky puppy need daily exercise, should be kept in a fenced yard, and should always have something to chew!

Huskies are one of the larger breeds and they are part of the working group of dogs. They need daily exercise in the form of a walk or a run. Huskies were bred to pull, so if you let them, they’ll enjoy also enjoy pulling you. When I was a kid, we had a husky who loved pulling my brothers and I up and down the block on a sled.

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If you do not allow your German shepherd mix husky puppy to run, they will find a way to do it on their own. I can remember our dog getting out of our yard and running away on numerous occasions. We took several trips to the local animal shelter to pick him up when he got out of the yard. If given the chance, huskies are known to roam, so it’s really important to keep your puppies in a fenced in yard.

Making sure that your German shepherd mix husky puppy get enough exercise will keep them out of trouble. However, when they are not running or pulling, they will need something to keep them occupied. It’s a good idea to get your pups something to chew on. Chew toys or bones will help them with their teething and it’s also another great way for your puppies to release some of their energy. If you give your German shepherd mix husky puppy something to chew on they are less likely to destroy your belongings.

Why Husky Puppies Should Be Walked With a Harness

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Trying to decide on the right dog leash for your German shepherd mix husky puppy can be a daunting task if you haven’t ever owned Siberian Huskies. Siberian Huskies are sometimes referred to as “sled dogs” because they were originally used to pull sleds. Huskies are from the working class of dogs and they do indeed enjoy being put to work. Because of their strong desire to pull, using a harness rather than a collar is a much better choice for walking husky puppies.

If you know anything about husky puppies then you are aware of their strength from a very young age. Husky puppies grow up to be rather large dogs and they are built to work. You should start walking your puppies as soon as possible so you can train them how you would like them to behave on a walk.

Don’t be surprised when your husky puppies instinctively start to pull you when they go for their first walk. A collar can be a bit of a hassle for this breed because of their desire to pull. Collars can either choke a dog or slip right off their neck if it’s not the correct fit. Many collars are actually designed to choke a dog in order to get them to obey. Siberian huskies may end up hurting themselves or getting loose if they are walked with a collar. The better choice for a husky puppy would be a harness.

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A harness is much better for puppies for many reasons. First and for most, a harness fits around your German shepherd mix husky puppy chest rather than their neck so a harness will not choke your puppies. It’s very common for puppies to choke themselves on their first walk because they are not familiar with the consequences of pulling. You can ensure that your husky puppies will never be choked by using a harness.

You will also have more control over your puppies when they are hooked up to a dog harness as opposed to a dog collar. Puppies can something get twisted in their leash if they are excited or frightened while on a walk. This will not happen if you use a harness.

A harness can be hooked up to any length lease. You can use a short leash to keep your German shepherd mix husky puppy close to you when necessary or you can use a long leash to give your dog a little freedom and let them investigate a little further away.

Harnesses come in a variety of sizes and many of them are adjustable so your husky puppies can grow with the harness. Using a harness is much safer than using a collar and your German shepherd mix husky puppy will respond much better to the less invasive apparatus.

Grooming German Shepherd Mix Husky Puppy

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Grooming german shepherd mix husky puppy can be done in the comfort of your own home if you know what you’re doing. Siberian Huskies can be somewhat skittish, so you’ll want to make sure that your pups first bath a pleasant experience.

There are a few things that you’ll want to make sure of before you groom husky puppies. It’s important that your husky puppy is calm before entering the tub. You’ll want to make sure that your using the correct type of shampoo and you’ll want to brush your pup after their bath. Huskies have a very thick coat and it’s important that you get rid of all of the dead hair.

You can do a number of things to relax your puppy before putting them in a tub of water. You might want to rub their belly and then take a bit of the water from the tub and gently rub it in on their coat. This will help them get a feel for the water before they are completely submerged.

It’s important that you use the proper shampoo when you groom your pet at home. Many people think that because human shampoos smell good, they’re right for the job. That couldn’t be more untrue. Many shampoos that are made for people contain perfumes and other additives that could irritate your puppies skin. It’s imperative that you use a pet shampoo. All natural shampoos work the best on my dog.

Brushing your German shepherd mix husky puppy after their bath is also a very important step in the grooming process. A lot of your puppies coat will fall out during their bath, Shedding is very common during a bath, in fact it is helpful, because it’s your dogs natural way of getting rid of old, dirty, dead hair. You’ll want to make sure that you a brush that is designed for dogs with a thicker coat. You can ask your local pet store owner or go online a search dog brushes.

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