8 Easy How to German Shepherd Training, Primer for Crate

How to german shepherd training? There is a misconception that crate training a dog is sentencing him or her to live their life in a cage. That just in not true. Dogs have a natural desire for a safe “den” space.

Most people who crate train their dogs are pleasantly surprised to find that their pet will, after some training, actually choose to enter the crate on their own. Many actually seem to like the crate and view it as a place to get some time to themselves.

People wondering how to crate train a dog must realize that it is a process that must start on the first day the puppy is home. It should not be the sole focus, but starting early and remaining consistent is important. Your puppy’s first day in its new home should be spent getting plenty of love and attention from his or her new family.

After spending the day getting used to all of the new sights and smells, a puppy should be ready to be introduced to the kennel or crate where it will be spending the evening hours.

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It is natural for a new puppy to be a bit confused by what is going on when it first comes to a new home. Everything has changed. Mom and the other puppies are not around.

It is important to introduce the puppy to what is expected at this point however. How to german shepherd training, You want your new dog to feel comfortable and not any more stressed out than it naturally would be by the new surroundings.

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When it is feeding time, gently lead him into his crate and let him eat inside of it. Be lush with your praise every time something is done the way you would like it to be.

Decide among family members what command will signal your new pup to go to its crate. Some people simply say “Crate!”, other prefer “Go Kennel.” Whatever you choose, it should be simple and easy to understand.

Once you have introduced your dog to its new home, you can start thinking about issues like how to stop puppy biting and other little challenges! As a starting point however, remember to be consistent and considerate as you teach your new puppy about the behavior you expect from how to german shepherd training.

8 How to German Shepherd Training Tips To Help You Get Started

How to german shepherd training
How to german shepherd training

Anyone who owns a dog knows how important it is to have a well mannered pet. Dog obedience does not come overnight however. This article will give you 8 how to german shepherd training tips to help you get started.

  1. The first thing that you want to consider is that you should begin how to german shepherd training your dog while it is young. Once the behavior has began, it is almost too late. You and your dog are both going to be miserable if it is not well mannered. Consider enrolling yourself as well as your dog in obedience classes.
  2. It is important that you do not reward your dog when they behave badly. The only time that you should pay them any attention is when they are appropriately behaved. This way, they are going to be on their best behavior so that you won’t be happy with them.
  3. The next thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that your animal is going to be full of energy. Be sure to take your dog for a walk or play with them so that they can release the extra energy that they have built up. After they have gotten rid of their extra energy, then you can work on training them.
  4. You need to have a regular time every day in order to train your dog. Be certain that it is a time of day that each of you are happy and also after you have been for your walk. This way, your dog will have gotten rid of the energy that will make them hyperactive.
  5. Remember that training a puppy takes a lot of time. Be patient with your little puppy and understand that it is not always going to be like this. If you are kind and loving towards your dog, you will both enjoy the training experience.
  6. It is important that you never punish your dog or raise your voice towards them. You do not want your dog to have unpleasant feelings towards you. Therefore, if your dog is behaving badly, simply ignore them or take them into a different room of your home where they can be left alone. This is a great way to teach them that is not acceptable behavior. Because of the fact that dogs crave human attention, this will be a wonderful punishment.
  7. After you have given your dog instructions and it has chosen to follow them, be certain to reward your dog. This way, they will understand that they are doing the right thing.
  8. Be sure to have a command that lets them know when they can get up. For instance, you can use the word “up” to let your dog know that it is okay for them to get up after you have told them to sit. Be certain to use a word that you do not normally use. This way, your dog will not be easily confused.

These are only a few of many dog training tips how to german shepherd training that have been proven successful. Try these along with many others so that you know what works best for your dog. It is important that you have a good time with your pet while you’re doing how to german shepherd training.

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Thank you for reading how to german shepherd training to the end. Hopefully this article on how to german shepherd training can help you. See you in the next article.

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