3 Reasons My German Shepherd Puppy is Aggressive

german shepherd aggressive

My German Shepherd Puppy is Aggressive?  the German Shepherd has been one of the most popular dogs since 1899, when it was officially accepted as a dog breed. This breed of dogs are highly useful to rescue workers, law enforcement officials and as guard dogs for regular people.

This is because these animals are large in size, they are smart and able to follow commands when they are properly trained. It is needless to say that these animals acquire their skills through training and not by nature. It is difficult to train some of these dogs because they are often vicious when they are trying to be the alpha male and these dogs are the ones who have bitten more people than any other breed of dogs.

A good way to keep dogs in line is by wearing them out, they do not get into trouble if they are active. The German Shepherd is one of those breeds, because they have great ability and energy. The name says it all, they were bred to herd the sheep and therefore need to be always active. These dogs need to be mentally stimulated, it is not enough to toss a ball and wait for the dog to retrieve it. They need different kinds of training and exercise.

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German Shepherds have a tendency to choose a person for their master, even if they are owned by a family. This is a great advantage since the dog will only obey and follow the commands of a single person if that single person trains them.

One of the best German Shepherd training tips to follow is to give the animals complex challenges. This is so because these animals are large, posses a high-energy and they are very smart. This is why it is better to train the dog once it is a puppy.

There are lots of random questions a dog owner should ask a trainer in order to have the best trained dog. Remember that these dogs are a reflection of the training that they receive my german shepherd puppy is aggressive

Identifying Aggressive Dogs Through Behavior

how to train my german shepherd to not be aggressive

Understanding the nature of a my german shepherd puppy is aggressive will help you be a better owner and make it easier to guide your dog into being a better pet and companion. Love and respect are paramount when it comes to animals and if you treat them like a family member, then they will act like a family member.

Leaning how my german shepherd puppy is aggressive communicates is vital as well as learning how to properly communicate with your dog. We are going to focus on the things in the environment that cause aggressive dogs to bark and growl.

Just like humans, dogs are social creatures and will accept their family as a social group and based off interactions he will rank everyone in a social order; this is why it is important to establish dominance and effectively be the ‘alpha male’ in your pet’s eyes.

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Doing this will cause the dog to look to you for orders and guidance and be a friendly and loving animal. If the my german shepherd puppy is aggressive feels that he is the ‘alpha male’, then he will often bark and growl when he feels like you are challenging his position in the social structure.

Dogs are protectors by nature and very territorial. A dog will often establish what he considers to be his property; this area is most often the house or yard around the house. The dog will accept that certain other people own that territory as well, such as the family or other pets. If the dog feels that strangers are encroaching on his territory with malicious intent, then the barks and growls will come out along with other aggressive behavior. Training your dog to be accepting of strangers within their territory will help reduce this negative behavior my german shepherd puppy is aggressive.

The last common factor that breeds aggressive responses is when the dog feels threatened or is afraid. What actions a dog deems as violent or threatening will vary by body and the environment they grew up in. If as a puppy their owner would raise a hand and strike them, the dog could see any raised hand as something that will hurt them.

Many of the thoughts a dog forms will be early in its development and this is where love and respect become paramount in the raising of my german shepherd puppy is aggressive. Punishments that involve being locked in a room for short durations of times will work far better as behavioral modification, as opposed to corporal punishment that will only breed aggressive behavior.

Aggressive dogs are bred from confusion and mistreatment. Breeds of dog that are often seen as violent or aggressive can be trained to be some of the most loving and loyal companions; it is all about whether or not they are brought up correctly and taught the proper ways to behave.

My German Shepherd Puppy is Aggressive, How to Train

how to train aggressive german shepherd

There’s nothing worse than an my german shepherd puppy is aggressive but what you have to realize is that it isn’t the dogs fault. When dogs behave aggressively it’s as a result of how they were treated when they were young, particularly during the first 6 months of their lives.

You should really think twice before training an my german shepherd puppy is aggressive. Unless you have lots of experience in dog training then the chances are you could actually make things worse.

The first thing you should do is try and establish why your dog is acting this way. Could it possibly be the result of your own actions? It’s not always possible to identify why dogs behavior aggressively especially if they had previous owners.

Normal dog training won’t always work with aggressive dogs for the reason that you need to deal with the aggression first before you can start working on the normal stuff like training your dog to sit. Once the aggression has been dealt with, which could take a considerable amount of time, you can then move on to regular dog training.

When training aggressive dogs you need to be very firm with them. You should also try not to aggravate or tease them if they don’t respond to your training. You need to be very careful about this because dog owners sometimes don’t realize they are unintentionally aggravating their dog.

My german shepherd puppy is aggressive, the best way to train an aggressive dog is to be firm with them and train them through exclusion. This means leaving them alone in a room for 1 or 2 minutes every time they are aggressive. Prior to excluding your dog you should say “No” in a very firm voice. This way they begin to realize that their behavior is unacceptable.

Be warned though, this won’t work for every occasion and it will take a very long time to have any effect. Patience is key if you want to train my german shepherd puppy is aggressive.

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